Step 1 - Your posture with the fiddle

This first video is essential to acquire a correct body posture right from the start.



A comfortable posture will allow you to keep your back straight, shoulders and neck relaxed.



Teach your body to embrace the fiddle and not put any tension to hold the fiddle. How to curl your arm and hand to get the low notes.



Learn to hold your bow with your right hand phalanges folded and have flexibility across the right arm.


Watch the video

Step 2 : Laridé 8 temps

With this second video you'll discover Jonathan Dour's pedagogy and start working the bow strokes singing along - without even playing yet!



Learn to focus on your right arm and bowings to let joined notes fall into place by themselves.



The tune is quite simple and allows you to take time to play your bowings.



Here are a few tips to get started :


- Take it slowly at the beginning, play softly but steadily.


- Slowly increase the tempo when you're comfortable with the music. If you can't , slow down a little and stabilize your playing.

Step 3 - A 10 sur ces landes

With this "Rond de Saint Vincent", we propose going further in the work of the right hand and learning the bowings.



As in the previous lesson you will learn hooked notes while singing. This will allow you to play precise bowings.



For the first time, you willl have the opportunity to make more than one note in the same movement.


You will also learn to play a "up note" before the beat to start a phrase.

Step 4 - Dans 10 ans je m'en irai 1/2 et 2/2

The result of step 3 will be an opportunity to add some joined notes in the same movement of the bow.

This is called ornamentation.



You are going to work to these ornamentations: add notes, handle the bow differently, gain speed.



Gradually, you will be able to increase your tempo to reach the speed of the dance.



Before proceeding to the next step, take time to work the last three videos for regularity on the right hand and agility on the left hand.

Step 5- To go further

We suggest you continue to learn more about Brittany music on the Fiddle with the following lessons :


  1. Christian Lemaitre : "Hanter dro" 
  2. Christian lemaitre : "gavotte ton simple"